Summertime Ease

You know when it's almost too hot for clothes? 

Yeah...between the 90+ degree Fahrenheit temps and the St. Louis humidity, it was almost too hot for clothes!

Dress:  eShakti (Similar here)
Sandals:  Kohl's Kids Department
The man and I had some errands to run yesterday.  Since I couldn't go running around town naked, I opted for a cotton/linen dress, comfy sandals, hair off the neck, and minimal jewelry!
Earrings:  The Limited (old)
The result was simple, but I still managed to feel cute in the sweltering heat. 

I finished off the look with this amazing wooden clutch from Cameo de Boré.  Cameo is a St. Louis-area based designer of oversized clutches.  As you probably have noticed by now, I'm a huge fan of clutches, and I'm always looking for some that are big enough to fit wallets. 
Clutch:  c/o Cameo de Boré (Available here)
This one is perfect!  The yellow lining is really fun, but you can actually choose from an array of colors for the lining.  I'm really impressed with the fun selection of clutches from Cameo de Boré.  I pretty much want them all!  LOL
Do you like clutches or do you prefer other types of handbags?  What do you wear to beat the heat?

To see this dress styled differently, see here, here, here, and here.


  1. Fun outfit with the glasses dress and the gladiator thong sandals. Oh... and if you want heat, you're welcome any time visiting my home/native state of Texas.


  2. Thanks John! I've been to Texas in August, with a broken AC, stuck in rush hour traffic in Houston! I understand! :-)


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