Color and Confidence: PURPLE

Today, I conclude Rainbow Week with the color PURPLE!!
Pants and Blazer:  Ann Taylor
This outfit is an easy day-to-night look.  The simple satiny purple top has a cool keyhole back.  Lose the jacket, and you're ready for Happy Hour or dinner.
Simple jewelry isn't too over-the-top for work, but provides just enough visual interest and bling for an evening out.
Rings:  Torrid (Evil eye ring sold out on-line; Stackable rings available here)
I recently added purple to my shopping list because I realized that I have very little of it in my wardrobe anymore.  After green, it's my second favorite color, and I think it looks good with my greenish eyes.
Blouse:  The Limited (Available here)
Speaking of my eyes, I usually like to play my eyes up with eyeliner, shadows, and lots of mascara.  Last Friday, I woke up late and was in a rush to get to work (Don't you just love those mornings? <eye roll>).  I didn't have time for make-up, so I went au naturel
DISCLAIMER:  I added a dab of lip gloss right before these photos, otherwise make-up free
Necklace:  The Limited
While I usually choose to wear make-up to work, I'm also quite content without.  This wasn't always the case though.

For years, I felt the need to wear make-up because I thought I looked too young without it.  In the last few years, I have sometimes felt like I looked older or too tired without make-up.  That said, I have largely learned to see cosmetics as another accessory rather than a necessity.

Purse:  Target (Similar)
Make-up can be fun.  You can enhance your natural assets or even play a character through cosmetics.  If you enjoy playing with make-up, then go for it, but if you feel like you have to wear it, I challenge you to consider where those thoughts come from.

There's so much focus on women's beauty in our culture (and many others) that it can be hard to drown out those messages that tell us our natural features aren't good enough.   Men aren't generally expected or encouraged to mask the lines around their eyes or accentuate the bows of their lips with cosmetics.

If it's okay for men to age with dignity and grace, then why isn't it okay for women to do the same?  Why are women so often told that our natural beauty isn't good enough? 

I could go into the reasons why this happens (patriarchy, capitalism, etc.), but instead I just request that if you feel a need to wear make-up, consider the reasons you personally feel this way and maybe even give yourself a make-up free holiday.  It's not so bad, I promise!!

We are beautiful, with or without make-up. 

Boots:  Target
Now, back to purple - if you're looking for some easy ways to incorporate more purple into your wardrobe, here are some of my past looks for inspiration: 

Try a purple blazer with mustard or beige:

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Grey pairs especially well with purples:
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Purple sweaters can be fun or sophisticated:
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Pair purple with black separates for a shot of color:
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For the tuxedo pants in other looks, see here, here, and here.
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  1. You probably know blue is my favorite color. As a blue lover, you've worn this fine color quite well ranging from blue accented outfits to that lovely blue motorcycle jacket of yours. Cobalt blue is a great fashion color. However, Cobalt Blue is a bit muted, so I don't like it as much as Sapphire Blue or even Royal Blue. Your dress is lovely along with the blue blazer. The "Laid Back Sexy (Free the Tatas!!)" maxi dress is maybe the most memorable blue outfit to me. I love blue, and I love this post, too. Keep rocking blue! :)


  2. My problem with purple/violet sometimes is that certain colors I think is blue is actually a purple color or even indigo. There is a certain degree of separation between blue and purple. I like the purple blouse and the striped pants. I think you once paired a purple blouse with wide-leg pants once. You wear this color quite well.


  3. Purple can go from almost pink/red to almost blue. I don't remember the outfit you're talking about, but it's a possibility!

  4. Thanks John! My favorite blue is more of a sapphire to indigo. Something with a little more purple in it and a little more richness. In fact, my car is a deep sapphire blue! :-)

  5. Oh the top is so fun with the back keyhole detail, it's so great for summer to give you a little more breeze on hotter days too. But yeah I totally feel you on the makeup because I'm totally fine with not wearing makeup but I like wearing it so I wear it. But I don't wear it everyday which is ok with me, I'm the kind of person that wears it when I feel like it. :)


  6. Thanks Nina! I often feel like I look better with it - more refreshed and less tired looking - but I don't feel like I have to wear it to feel good. :-)

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