Scarf It Up!

Sometimes, the scarf makes the outfit, and today's recent work look is certainly the case.

Scarf:  Eva Mendes for New York & Company (Available here)
Blazer:  New York & Company Petites
I can't resist a tassel, and I love the vibrant color scheme of this scarf. 

I kept the rest of the outfit simple.  While I would wear this outfit as is
(and probably have), the scarf really completes the overall look.
Pants:  The Limited (Available here)
Accessories are an easy, and relatively inexpensive way, to change up an outfit and give your wardrobe more variety.
Ring:  Target

Clutch:  Target (old)
I do this a lot with jewelry, and the difference is usually more subtle.  With a large, bold scarf, I felt like I was wearing a whole new outfit!
Earrings:  The Limited

Sandals:  Payless (old)
Do you use accessories to change up your look?  What's your favorite type of accessory?
Cami:  LOFT Petites
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  1. Scarves can be as much of fashion game changers as blazers. Here, you went blazer AND scarf. This scarf is very powerful and polarizing. You are certainly the master of blazers, and this one is as stylish as any other. I like the pants and the sandals. Well-styled and amazingly chic.


  2. Thanks so much, John! I do love me a blazer! LOL ;-)

  3. Thanks Kara!! I'm wearing the regular length on the top.

  4. Thanks Nina! I really love Chastity' look, and I wish I had that dress, but it was fun to make a look inspired by it! Yeah, the glittery accent nail is and easy, but fun, touch!

  5. Thanks Amy! I prefer solids too, but this print spoke to me. I actually find nail polish easier than nail wraps. I have checked them out before, thanks!! :-)

  6. I've been slowly upping my scarf collection, which had dwindled to one non-winter scarf last year. I'm up to 5 now (after purchasing a gorgeous stripe with a few polka dots at the farmer's market last week). Scarves can really make an outfit new, or spruce up a boring one.

  7. I agree. They really do help spruce up a look! I have so many scarves I've collected over the years...more than I should have for how often I wear them, but it's fun to throw one in the mix on occasion! :-)


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