Dress Week: Mixing Decades

Happy Saturday, everyone!

We have been having a lot of 90+ degree days lately.  This season, I am forcing myself to dress for the season and rid myself of the constant need for cardigans and blazers, at least when I'm not at work in my chilly office.
Tunic:  Forever 21+ (Available here)
In the past, I would have thrown a cardigan over this look, even in the height of a balmy Midwestern summer.

Today's look has a modern appeal but references the 1920s and 1940s.  

I am completely inspired by the 1920s.  The decade was such an amazing period of progress and change for women's political and social rights in this country.  With the social changes came a change in fashion.  I really can't get enough of 1920s fashion - so beautiful and interesting.  The dropped waist of this dress and bead necklace is a subtle nod to the flapper era.

With World War II in full swing, the 1940s also brought about a lot of change for women as women were told it was their patriotic duties to join the paid labor force and support the war efforts.  This decade led to war-time rationing, and the fashion of that decade also reflected those changes.  These color blocked bow heels give reference to 1940s fashion.
Necklace:  The Limited (old)
Clutch:  Target
Shoes:  eBay (Available here)
Bow earrings:  The Limited (Similar here)
Mixing fashion from two decades that brought such major change for women feels modern, fun, and just a little bit quirky!
Ring:  LOFT
Do you like wearing vintage or vintage-inspired fashion?  What fashion periods do you find inspiring?

For this tunic/dress in another look, see here

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