Fashion Favorites 2: Moto Jackets, 40 Ways

We all have those favorite pieces in our closet...you know those ones that go with everything and for which you constantly reach over and over.

If you've been following my blog even for a little bit, you may have noticed that I have a major penchant for moto jackets.  They're absolutely my favorite wardrobe staples.  I love them with any print, for evening looks, casual days, and even for work.

Last year, I featured seven ways to wear my cobalt moto jacket.  Here are some of the ways I've styled my moto jackets, including my cobalt favorite, this year:

With Animal Prints
Left from top to bottom:  Call of the Wild, Savanna Sunset
Center:  City Safari
Right from top to bottom:  Catting Around, Reverse It
With Jeans

Left to Right:  Citrus with Bite, Honorable Mentions 6
With Maxi Skirts or Dresses
Left to Right:  Neutral Territory, Transitioning a Maxi Dress, Blue Hues
For Work
Left, from top to bottom: 11 Twenty Eight Designs, A Homecoming Look
Center:  Not a Shrinking Violet
Right, from top to bottom:  Fall Color Week:  Dark Green, Luck of the Irish

With Romantic Black Skirts
From Left to right:  I Resolve To Have More Fun with Fashion, Silk and Chiffon, Honorable Mentions 7
With Dark Florals
From left to right:  Black Florals, Spring in Bloom
With a Red Maxi For Work, Evenings, or Weekends
Maxi and Moto - 3 Ways
With Graphic Prints
Left to right:  Spring Berries, The Shorts Alternative, Maxi Dresses for Spring

With Printed Tights and a Pops of Color
Left to right:  Mixed Prints & Cobalt, Tights Delight

With All Black Everything or Monochromatic Black and White
Top row, left to right: Balancing Act, Unconditional Body Beautiful:  My Belly and Me,
Fun with Zippers & Antiquarian Couture

Bottom row, left to right:  LBD Love, Black and White for Evening, Savoring Spring

With a Jumpsuit
Left to right:  Shades of Pink, Favorite Pairings
With Metallics, Pretty Skirts, Bright Colors...
With Whatever You Want!!

From left to right, top to bottom:  Day to Night Minimalism, Color and Confidence: Orange,
It's Only Rock-n-Roll
, Fall Color Week: Blue
Do you wear a lot of moto jackets?  What are some of your fashion favorites?

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  1. The moto jacket is such a modern take on the blazer...no wonder you love it so! jodie


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