Reader's Choice: Casual Wear

In response to a reader's request, I am featuring some casual options today.
Shorts:  The Limited
I personally don't wear a lot of super casual clothes...unless you count my sweatpants and tees that I wear to lounge around the house.

That said, sometimes the situation calls for a more casual look.  During the weekends when the weather is warm, I sometimes opt for denim shorts to run errands, sit in the backyard, or visit with family. 

I'm not much of a shorts person, but for some reason, denim shorts are a little easier.
  I have two pairs - this shorter cuffed pair and longer Bermuda shorts. 
Tee:  Peter Som for Kohl's
Cardigan:  LOFT
Sandals:  Kohl's
One reason that I don't like wearing shorts is my dimply thighs.  While I still have my issues with it, I am getting more comfortable with showing my thigh cellulite.  I am learning that while I may not love every detail of my body, there is no shame in any part of it either. 

These shorter denim shorts are comfortable, and as I age, I am gravitating more towards comfort which means I'm caring less about other people's thoughts of my fat. 

Glasses:  Firmoo.com (Available here)
Bracelet:  LOFT
Not to say I don't care.  The honest truth is that I most definitely still do. That said, my body image is improving and the amount of f*cks given about what other people think has decreased considerably!! :-)
Earrings and Clutch:  The Limited
Okay, back to casual wear...Besides this recent look above, I have a few favorite options:

More Denim Shorts & Oversized Tees
From left to right:  Honorable Mentions 4; Adventures in Traveling:  Cape Cod, Massachussetts
Denim Bermuda Shorts
From left, clockwise:  Adventures in Traveling:  Cape Cod; Massachussetts; A Shorts Story;
From the Street to the Backyard
White jeans
From left, clockwise:  Adventures in Traveing:  Plymouth, MA & Middletown, NY;
Citrus with Bite
; Casual in White Jeans
Casual Skirts and Relaxed Tops & Tees
From left to right:  Touch of Boho; Tropical Fruit; Honorable Mentions 3
Loose Dresses and Comfy Shoes
Left from top to bottom:  Dress It Down; Earthy Glam
Middle and right:  A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock-n-Roll; Vintage Floral
So, this was my round-up of looks that I would wear (and have worn) for running weekend errands, for casual school events with my kids, for visiting with family, for casual lunches/dinners out, for road trips, and for backyard lounging/barbeques. 

 Hope this gave you some inspiration! What do you wear for casual wear?

P.S. Another casual look (and more body image talk) on the blog tomorrow in the next installment of #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful!!

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