Fashion Favorites 2: 30 More Ways to Wear Black Blazers

I'm concluding my fashion favorites series with black blazers.  Last year, I showed 20 ways to wear black blazers.  Black blazers continue to be my very favorite of the fashion favorites.  I mean...jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, etc.  Is there anything that doesn't go with a black blazer?

With A Variety of Prints:
From left to right:  A is for A-Line; Eloquii Love
From left to right:  Styling for the Changing Seasons; Fall Color Week: Plum Purple; These Boots Were Made for Walkin'
With Midi-Skirts:
From left to right:  Ready for Tea; Rocker Ballerina at the St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards
From left to right:  Marvelous Midis; Florals & Stripes
With Jeans and Tees:

From left to right:  St. Louis VIP Blogger Lounge, Casual Black and White, J'Adore Denim and Stripes
With Brights:
From left to right:  Yellow & Red; I Resolve To Wear More Color
From left to right:  Countdown to New Years; Kaleidoscopes
With Other Neutrals:
From left to right:  Neutrals for Work and Play; Oh, For the Love of a Skirt; Quick Picks
From left to right:  Unconditional Body Beautiful, Part 2; Neutral Zone; Day to Night Minimalism
With Maxi Skirts:
From left to right:  Maxi Skirt for Work; Gilding the Lily; Maximizing on Winter
With Floral and Animal Prints:
From left to right:  A New Favorite; Honorable Mentions 6; From Desk to Drinks
From left to right:  Fall Color Week:  Sangria; I Resolve to Stay True to My Personal Style
Hope you enjoyed seeing my fashion favorites!  What are some of YOUR fashion favorites?

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