Fashion Favorites 2: Faux Leather Pencil Skirt, 9 Ways

Yesterday, I featured the light and airy tulle skirt as one of my fashion favorites.  On the other end of that spectrum is a faux leather pencil skirt. 

I seldom wear real leather, so faux is a must for me, but I also look for quality vegan leathers that have properties of real leather (flexibility, weight, soft texture, etc.).

This pencil skirt that I picked up at The Limited early last fall definitely fit the bill.  It fits well without any alterations, is super versatile, and works for all but the hottest of summer days.  For these reasons, it has made it to my list of fashion favorites.

Soft and Cozy
One of my favorite ways to wear a faux leather skirt is to pair it with a sweater.  The softness of the sweater provides a nice contrast to the structured and hardness, if you will, of the skirt.
Playing with Proportions
Cozy in Leather and Lace
All-Black Looks
Nothing is sleeker than black leather mixed into an all black look. 
Oh, For the Love of a Skirt
The Devil Wears ASOS
With Blazers for Work
A faux leather pencil skirt can DEFINITELY work for the office.  Paired with a structured blazer and soft blouses, it becomes almost demure.
Black and Navy
Professional in Faux Leather
Tee Time
Adding a t-shirt takes a faux leather pencil skirt in a more casual direction.  To make this look even more casual (and more comfortable), the booties could be swapped out for white low-top Converse or a similar style sneaker.

Dress Up Tee Time
Warm Weather-ize
A soft blouse has the same effect as a sweater in balancing out the stiffer fabric of the faux leather pencil skirt.  For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, the ideas above are largely in season.  For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere who are warming up to Spring, a soft blouse is a way to transition your faux leather skirts for the season.  I would swap the booties out in these looks for a pair of strappy sandals.

Modern Monochrome
Honorable Mentions 6
I'm looking forward to coming up with a few ways to style this skirt for spring and summer.  I'm thinking more soft tops and pretty sandals.

Are you a fan of faux leather pencil skirts?  How do you style yours?  Do you wear them all year or just in the colder months?

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