Getting the Right Fit

Finding clothes that fit off the rack is nearly impossible for the curvy petite woman.

Most of my clothes are altered, especially suit jackets.

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I love blazers for their structure and versatility, but without a good fit, they can look very sloppy.

When I bought this suit, the jacket's sleeves were too long, the arm holes too large,  and the shoulders too wide.  The pants were "short" fit, but they were also a bit too long.

While it's difficult to get a perfect fit without having an item made especially for you, a good tailor can get you close.

When purchasing a blazer, you should buy to fit the largest part of you.  Letting a jacket out is usually not as an option as manufacturers do not leave a lot of excess room in women's clothing.  Even if there's enough extra fabric, letting a jacket out may lead to unsightly holes depending on the color and fabric.
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Ideally, if you can wear petites, do so as a petite jacket will be better proportioned all around, making the need for alterations fewer (and usually leading to a better fit after alterations).   

Now, my suit flatters my body and doesn't make me look like a kid playing dress up. :-)
Shirt:  The Limited
Extensive tailoring doesn't come cheap, so it's important to weigh the use value of the clothing item against the cost of getting it tailored.

A grey suit is classic, is functional for a conservative work place like mine, and is perfect for job interviews, so in my opinion (and for my life), it's worth it to invest in the tailoring.

Today, I paired my grey suit with a purple floral knit top that has a surprise back.
Lose the jacket, add some dangly earrings and a clutch, and you have a suitable (pun totally intended ;-D) look for an after-work dinner out.

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