Dark Moon Rising

My favorite color is green, but I have very little of it in my wardrobe.  I've been looking for some new green additions, and I loved the deep shade of this blazer.  Forest green is the perfect shade of green for fall, and I love the unexpectedness of pairing the color with black.  In the past, I disliked dark colors paired with black, but now, it seems really sophisticated and a little gothic, which I like.
Blazer:  New York & Company (Available here)
Pants:  The Limited (Available here)
Mixing slim cut trousers with a different colored blazer is an updated take on a traditional suit, which makes it a great choice for a business casual work environment.  

After years of working in a more relaxed environment, I sometimes feel constrained in my fashion choices due to the more conservative environment of my current job.
Purse:  The Limited
Shoes:  Target
The great thing about this look is that I would happily wear this outfit for a night out, but I think it is still completely work-appropriate.
Blouse:  The Limited
Tank:  Old Navy (Available here)
Necklace:  New York & Company (Available here)
This bold statement necklace ties the look together.  It may seem obvious, but I am a major accessories junkie.  As much as I love clothing, accessories are actually more important, in my opinion.  

Accessories allow you to change up more basic or classic pieces to extend your wardrobe options and transition your wardrobe from season to season.  Since accessories are usually cheaper than clothing, they are a practical and fun way of continually updating your wardrobe.
Today, I also treated my nails as an accessory and gave myself a variation of a fun moon mani

Do you like dark colors paired with black?  Any fun manicure ideas?

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